Interested in Moving to Australia? You May Be Qualified Now, Under New Requirements


Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has released its updated occupation list, and several occupations that were closed earlier, have now been opened for state nomination.

Canberra is opening up its doors to migrants.

Here’s a short list of occupations:

– Journalists and PR professionals

– Sales and marketing professionals

– Psychologists & Nurses

– Cafe, restaurant managers and Chefs

– Engineers

Here’s a full list – ACT Occupation List. 

More details can be availed at:


– from


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  1. Maria Luisa A. EVarita on

    I’m interested to move in Australia and to have a job. I was employed with an Australian Company from 1997 to 2014. I am an Accountant but not a CPA. How can i start my application.

  2. Ernan Pantaleon on

    I’m Ernan Pantaleon a License Civil Engineer here in the Philippines, how can i apply in moving to Australia?

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